// About me

Today's consumer has changed. I help companies meet changing needs.

I love to navigate uncharted territories in building new business. I have contributed as a SaaS marketer and as a sales leader. From partnership driver to business owner, the path I follow is founded on a desire to see processes and people come together in a changing world.

From real estate to software, I help independent, growing companies build sound mindsets, processes, strategies, and teams.

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// Professional Experience

Bachelors Of Arts

2009- 2013
Cambridge University

Art & Design

2009- 2013
Cambridge University

Graphic Design

2009- 2013
Cambridge University

Marketing Strategist

ID digital // 2016 - Present
Goal: Help clients develop unique and inspiring brands that motivate and connect their audiences.

I work with organizations to help them answer the question, “What is your core?“. By discovering the unique attributes of their identity, we partner together to build a brand that represents them both visually and verbally. I then work with a team of talented designers and developers to deliver marketing strategies that align with their new, clearer brand.


Director of Lead Generation

Aware3 // 2017 - 2019
Goal: Focus on building marketing strategy and generating leads.

I led the development of new national partnerships with thought leaders across the industry. During this time, we transitioned our marketing strategy from email focused to inbound lead generation. Responsible for content marketing, AdWords and Google Analytics, referral and affiliate relationships, and full funnel management. Successfully implementing Pardot Marketing Automation with Salesforce enabled our company to scale efficiently and increased pipeline visibility and value during an acquisition in early 2018.


Director of Sales

Aware3 // 2016 - 2017
Goal: Bring proven sales experience into an organically evolved small SaaS company.

As the organization’s first Director of Sales I established cross-functional teams to scale and develop our sales pipelines, revenue funnels, and creative strategies with a holistic vision. Contributing feedback company wide - from developers to C-suite - allowed us to identify opportunities and direct resources to create a predictable and profitable sales funnel in a growing, niche, SaaS market. By completely overhauling Salesforce we gained faster processes, improved reporting, and happier team members - even beyond the sales staff.


New Business Development: Tribes

Church Community Builder // 2013 – 2016
Goal: Conduct the initial market research to validate and begin selling leadership consulting in addition software tools.

By pioneering in several company areas, I was invited to develop a new product arm of the business. I created the business plan, marketing content, and product delivery, basing our model upon Seth Godin's book called Tribes. Among other successes, initiating a new revenue stream led to being awarded the President’s Leadership Award for innovation.


Key Account Relationships

Church Community Builder // 2011 - 2013
Goal:  identify where we were missing bigger revenue opportunities.

As head of Key Account Relationships I was responsible for conducting a business audit showing our product gaps in a competitive landscape. The outcome of this audit led to a new focus on acquiring larger B2B accounts. During this time, I established the largest sale in company history by using the strategies I recommended. Building sound processes allowed us to continue day-to-day operations while devoting energy to bigger, strategic endeavors.


Regional Sales Manager

Church Community Builder // 2009 - 2013
Goal: Consistently exceeding revenue expectations.

As a sales leader I was not content with meeting historical sales targets and projections. My optimism and passion led to consistently exceeding personal revenue expectations. I desired to see the company grow and invested time into creativity, efficiency, and new revenue streams. Additionally, I launched a customer affiliates program and onboarded national referral sources. I was key in bringing in thought leaders, new programs, and selling to the bigger picture.


Owner / President

Buchanan Mortgage Group // 2004 – 2009
Goal: Building a profitable business by pioneering, team-building, and driving sustainable revenue growth.

I launched Buchanan Mortgage Group after seven years working as a residential mortgage originator. I focused my time on recruiting talented sales reps, office staff, processors, and underwriters to fulfill my goal. Our efforts saw 90% of new business come in via referrals, and we grew to a dozen associates. Building our brand on personalized service that went above and beyond the big banks we became a preferred lender in our local market.

// My Approach
& Analysis
// Areas OF Expertise


Tools will come and go. I focus on intrinsic human behaviors to make marketing efforts long-lasting. Experience implementing Pardot Marketing Automation with Salesforce and leading teams to success. Ultimately, I am looking for results in revenue that prove that marketing is setting up the rest of the organization's sales funnel for success.

Sales Enablement

I find that sales leadership requires creativity. Each of my roles has required unique sales process development, especially accounting for differences between B2B and B2C sales. My wide experience has helped me see sales and marketing aligned as one team with a shared revenue goal. I build detailed reporting and forecasting to make sure the team is motivated to repeat success.

Business Development & Leadership

Nothing teaches you more about business development than running your own business.I have focused my energy on crafting a pioneering mentality to build process efficiency, new program scalability, and sound revenue strategy. Helping organizations analyze Profit and Loss Statements with long-term vision allows business leaders to capitalize on insights and new opportunities in the industry.

Organizational Development & Psychology

Marketing, sales, and scaling a businesses ultimately comes down to motivating people. Using my background in Psychology, I focus on human-centered leadership. Whether at an independent, growth-stage organization or at an industry-leading company, I help bring motivation, conflict resolution, and coaching to ensure teams have longevity.

Years in Sales
& Marketing
Supportive &
loving wife
African boys
// Education & Certifications

Paid Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketer.com

Bachelor of Science - Business & Psychology

Liberty University

Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement

Hubspot Academy

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Google Ads

Google Training and Certifications

Discover2Win and Demo2Win

2Win! Global

"Sean is an incredible visionary leader who is faithful, loyal, and dependable. Sean has demonstrated incredible self initiative and leadership skills to help other people. Sean is a person of integrity and can be counted on to lead in the areas that he has committed himself to. Sean is great at creative thinking, articulating vision, and inspiring others to lead."

~ Rick Clapp, Leadership Coach

"Sean is a man of utmost integrity and character. His first priority is to serve the needs of his team and clients and guide them in the areas of stewardship and prudent financial management. If that also leads to earning their business, that's just icing on the cake."

~ Steve Caton, President, The Giving Crowd





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